Welcome to Giant Possibilities

Join us and transform your professional development journey.

Our Mission:

We want to transform professional development, creating accessible, cost-effective and enjoyable development journeys for sustainable impact.

The Giant Possibilites team

We didn't want to create another Udemy or generic training provider. We wanted to create a place where peers can genuinely engage on a learning journey at their own pace, in their way and with less pressure. From that, we founded Giant Possibilities. 

If you are working in the realm of software or product development please join us on the journey.   

How we do it:

Professional development can be so much more than training and accreditation, and if you if struggled with the volume and disconnected nature of Meet Ups, then Giant Possibilities is for you!

We are taking the concept of community and platforms and connecting them to your professional development. In one place, anywhere, anytime, with mobile-friendly access to:

  • Guided & peer-supported professional development journeys.
  • Curated content tailored to the stage in your professional career.
  • A marketplace of training services and e-courses representing the best our industry has to offer.
  • A place to share, test and validate ideas with fellow peers without pressure. 
  • Coaching, mentoring and other professional development services.

Our Hosts:

Hosts are similar to community managers or forum moderators. They help to keep the platform alive, topical and interesting. They are seasoned industry experts who have reached a point in their career where they want to add back to the community.

Hosts are proactive on the network engaging in conversation, providing feedback, facilitating sessions and supporting you on your learning journey.  

This is what sets Giant Possibilities apart, unlike LinkedIn which can provide great but random insights, or formal training, which offers limited onward support, Gaint Possibilities offers real practitioner advice and support based on your needs, asynchronous and synchronous.

How do I join Giant Possibilities?

At present we are in an Alpha mode. You can request to join and we'll contact you as soon as the Platform is launched to the public. 

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